Dating Someone with an Incurable STD

Finding the right person is tough enough, but what happens if you find out the perfect one for you has an incurable STD? Do you run or stay? What if that person with the STD is you?

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control more than fifty percent of sexually active adults will contract an STD in their lifetime. Fifty percent is a scary number. While condom use cuts down the risk, like with pregnancy prevention, it’s not a hundred percent.

However, with regular latex condom use, education and proper STD testing like from a lab such as Confilabs, there may be a future after all.

First off, be open and honest about your sexual history. That should be true with any partner whether he or she has an incurable STD or not. Educate yourself about the disease and the risks. Suggest getting tested together as a couple.

Having an incurable STD such as herpes, HPV or HIV/AIDS is not something that you can ignore or hide from a potential partner. Understand that talking about sex before you actually engage in it is vital. Be prepared if the other person is not open to the fact that you have an incurable STD. There are actually dating sites for people with an incurable STD like herpes.

Condom use and regular testing remain two of the best defenses in the fight against STDs.

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