Joint Replacement Helps Seniors Sex Life

Orthopedic surgeons have discovered a benefit for the patients of knee replacements or a total hip replacement.  Most patients, as many as 50 percent, have found a renewed interest in sexual relationships.  A study of orthopedic surgeons created a survey to follow the patients after surgery to see how the lives have improved.  For many seniors the decreased pain and easier movement gives them a renewed outlook on life and an improvement in seniors sex life.

Feeling Sexy

The surgeons found that by getting the knee or hip replacements the surgery has been shown to improve the patients overall well being.  Having a better self esteem can influence a patients outlook and seen by many as a turn-on by just Senior Citizens in Lovefeeling better.  Elimination of pain and ability to move more freely and easier is a big influence on feeling sexy.  While the study is a self report, the women that had hip replacements gave a higher rate of improvement of self-image that did men.  The surgeons are encouraging a more open discussion of what life improvements has been seen after surgery and during the recovery process.

As one ages, this does not lessen the desire for many to have an active sex life.  Even with the physical changes that occur as one grows older that can affect a senior’s ability to have the enjoyment or an active sex life so desired.  Arthritis and chronic pain are big factors that interfere with how one’s self-image can be diminished.  These painful problems along with joint issues and deteriorations will lead to surgery and even joint replacement in hopes of eliminating the pain and discomfort.

Renewed Sex Life

When it comes to a person’s sexuality, the balance of one’s emotional being and physical abilities can affect the sex life.  When pain and self-image is low, one’s sex life will be lacking to non-existent.  After joint replacement and the freedom from pain are felt, many are thought to have a second chance at living a full life, including a renewed sex life of explorations.  Many that have this new found freedom look to find new experiences and for some this includes new sex partners.

Seniors and Safe Sex

Seniors may have years of experience and fewer inhibitions when it comes to sex due to being comfortable with themselves.  The one aspect of getting older does not protect one from sexually transmitted diseases.  Feeling better, moving freer does not change practicing safe sex.  Wearing a condom during sexual exploration with new partners is the best way to protect oneself from the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.  A senior can maintain safe sex and keep their sexual health by having STD testing when unprotected sex with new sex partners has occurred.  To be extra safe, both partners should go and have STD testing done before sexual explorations occur and still use condoms and consider the use of condoms even when the relationship is monogamous.  Joint replacement invigorates many seniors sex life and a condom along with STD testing keeps the energy and sex flowing safely for years to come.

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