Philadelphia Teenagers and STDs

With the alarming number of new STD cases documented in Philadelphia among teens, health professionals worry about the number of cases that are not documented or have had testing for STDs.  Recent studies are finding teenagers and STDs are on the rise and teen s are in denial about sex and sexually transmitted diseases.  Even when teens have tested positive for Chlamydia and gonorrhea, there is denial of having had sexual relations.  Many teens see sex as vaginal intercourse and this is far from true.  Sex is any exploration of two sex partners that includes oral, vaginal and anal.

Denial and Fear

Teens that are in denial are lying about sex and worry about repercussions.  There is the fear of upsetting their parents, scorn of peers and even the loss of a reputation at school.  Whatever the reason, it makes the case to be tested even Teenage Girl with Backpackharder by health care practitioners that visit the schools and hold sex education events.  Health events discuss the proper use of condoms during and after sex to decrease the spread of STDs.  Discussions on how abstinence is the only way to remain STD free.

Condom Dispensers at School

The epidemic of Chlamydia and gonorrhea among the school students has increased to the point of condom dispensers being installed in the schools.  Philadelphia’s health department will dispense the “Freedom Condom” free of charge to schools to battle the increase number of new STD cases.  Educational material of the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases and how early detection is necessary to remain healthy.

Symptoms of STDs

Early symptoms of STDs can vary.  Signs of a possible sexually transmitted disease can be fever, sore throats, and muscle aches.  All symptoms associated with the flu.  There can be burning during urination and thickening discharge.  Some sexually transmitted diseases produce sores, bumps or rashes that increasingly get worse.  Any symptom needs medical attention and testing for proper treatments to be started.  Many STDs can be detected with a urine test; others will need a blood test to rule them out.  The STD Testing procedures are simple, results are available quickly, and the tests can be done anonymously.

Philadelphia testing centers have counselors to discuss results and share information to maintain physical and sexual health.  Health care centers have events at schools where testing is available to the students and the results are kept confidential.  These health events encourage parent participation for a more open discussion about sex and sexual exploration.  In an effort to see decreases for Philadelphia teenagers and STDs, testing for infections is vital.  The goal for Philadelphia is to decrease the new cases of sexually transmitted diseases among the teens that are beginning to explore their sexuality.  Also, the need is to encourage safe sex practices so the teens can have a life time of good health, especially a healthy sex life free of STDs.

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