Condoms and Sexual Pleasure

Safe sex is considered the main use of condoms and many have preconceived notions the sex won’t be as good when a condom is worn.  Whether straight or gay, the studies through the center for Sexual Health Promotion has proven that sex with the use of condoms can be a pleasurable experience for all partners involved.  Couples can use condoms and sexual pleasure of each party involved does not need to be forfeited.  With all the condoms on the market, there is a condom that will give pleasure that is desired, but the protection from sexually transmitted diseases that is not wanted.

With STDs harder to detect in women, studies have shown that women more so than men dislike the use of condoms.  Women complain the condom use is an irritant and decreases sensitivity and orgasmic responses.  Water based lubricants that are found on the market have solved the problem by adding moisture and in some cases added stimulation when used with a condom.  Some younger women are uncomfortable with the idea of needing a lubricant.  New commercials and advertisements are showing younger couples using lubricants forTwo Condoms heightened excitement and pleasure.

Different Types of Condoms

The condom industry has developed hundreds of different types of condoms to be explored to find the one that enhances and fits a couples needs in sexual exploration.  Some condoms are double layered to add stimulation to both sexual partners.  Condoms have been shown to add to the sensation experienced during oral, vaginal and anal sex.  Originally developed to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, the condom has transformed as the contraceptive technology has expanded.  When worn correctly, the condom has been effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

The most common reason of not using a condom has been disproved time and time again.  When worn properly, all sexual partners benefit with stimulation, orgasmic responses and protection.  There has been an issue with condom breakage during anal sex due to the increased friction and condom manufacturers continue to develop different condoms to meet the needs of the sexual public.  Condoms are becoming more specific to be used for oral or anal or vaginal sex with thicknesses that benefit the users and decreases breakage.

Teens and Condom Use

The largest age group that has misinterpreted the use of condoms is the teenagers.  This age group is where the push of the proper use of condoms has been concentrated.  With STDs on the rise, condoms use is more important to prevent the spread of disease and infections that can cause issues not only now but later in life.  Condoms are not 100 percent effective, yet not wearing one is a 100 percent chance of either an unwanted pregnancy or an unwanted STD.

Sexual partners should experiment with the wide variety of condoms available on the market.  By regularly practicing safe sex, condoms and sexual pleasure of each partner can still be maintained.  Use condoms whenever a sexual encounter occurs and seek out a STD testing center when a problem occurs such as breakage or a condom not being worn.  Sexual pleasure is exciting for those involved.  Condoms will not change the experience and some can even make the pleasure go to another level.  Check out the condom counter at the local drug store and see what new experience that can be explored and get tested regularly to enhance life’s experiences as well.

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