Celebrating National Condom Day

The condom was invented in the 1500s with the desire to prevent spreading syphilis.  The new sheath or condom was shown to prevent pregnancy as studies continued, but the original use to stop the spread of syphilis was successful with sheath or condom use.  The first rubber condom was available in the mid-1800s, with the latex version known today being introduced by Trojan in 1920.  With the era of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll of the 1970, the production of condoms and the sale of them increased as a deterrent for unwanted pregnancies.  Condoms use came full circle in the 1980s to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.  February with the celebration of romance, the National Condom Day recognizes all the developments of the condom and how the use of them is more important than ever for the securing of sexual health now and in the future.

Condoms are widely available and many bars, clinics, schools and other resources offer condoms free of charge.  Condoms of all types are sold in drug stores, grocery stores and local markets on every corner.  Condoms come in a variety of colors, flavors, sizes and sensitivity to give the wearer and the sexual partner choices to provide the most pleasure during sexual exploration.  For over 700 years, the condom has evolved to continue to not only protect, but to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

National Condom Day is also the celebration of the day for lovers known as Valentine’s Day.  Many health clinics and STD Condomtesting centers promote condom awareness the week that begins on February 14th each year.  The goal during this week of the condom is to increase awareness of sexually transmitted diseases and how the use of a condom can make a difference in acquiring one or not.

Why should I use a condom?

For all of the excuses that are part of the reasons not to wear a condom during sex, the reasons to use condoms continue to grow.  Couples can use the condom as foreplay.  As a part of sexual games and experimenting in the bedroom, over 100 different types and brands of condoms are available on the market to be explored.  Mix flavors and colors to go along with the chocolate covered strawberries often given as a gift on Valentine’s Day to increase desire and romance for this time together.

The week of condom awareness is seen on college campuses, in high schools, family planning centers and with sexual awareness groups that work with condom manufacturers to increase awareness.  The week of events varies, yet the message is the same with slogans and encouragement to use condoms as a part of maintaining sexual health.  Students have found humorous ways to promote the awareness with silly slogans to catch the attention.  Slogans such as:  “No glove, no love!” catch on with the youth and encourage the use of a condom when having sex.

Reduce transmission of sexually transmitted infections

With approximately 18 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases being documented each year in the United States, health centers are giving away condoms, having educational sessions and promoting STD testing along with treatment.  The AIDS and STD awareness organizations grew across the college and universities campuses from the late 1970s through the 1990s.  By the end of the 1990’s, National Condom Day had an awareness that spread to high school campuses, as well.  Today, the awareness is to use a condom during all sexual acts, no matter if it is oral, vaginal or anal to protect and prevent spreading sexually transmitted diseases.

Condoms can be easily bought or gotten for free and a prescription is not needed to get condoms as is required for other forms of birth control.  Condom use doesn’t have any side effects, are user friendly and does not hamper the enjoyment of sex.  While not able to stop the spread of STDs 100 percent of the time, not using a condom is the best way to contract an STD or to have an unwanted pregnancy.  The biggest excuse is just this once a condom is not needed, when it only takes one sexual encounter that is unprotected to become pregnant or to contract a sexually transmitted disease.  National Condom Day is the celebration of an invention made in the 1500s that with the use of the condom prevented and slowed the spread of diseases and this invention continues to work when used today.  The best time to celebrate the condom is to use it every time one participates in a sexual encounter and always keep one on hand for the future.

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