Senior Citizens and STDs

You have reached that wonderful age of getting a senior discount at Denny’s and all the birds have flown successfully from the nest. It is time for you to think about retirement, travel, sex and STDs.  You may get more on the senior cruise than all you can eat buffet; you may get an STD and need to get tested.  Over the past twenty years, rates for senior citizens and STDs has doubled.  While people over the age of fifty five have become more active in the past twenty years and life styles have seed up so has sexual activity.  Thank you Viagra.

Sex, Seniors and Bingo?

With seniors not just thinking of which Medicare supplement to choose come more decisions about attitudes toward Cruise Ships, Seniors and Sexsexual activity. When a person reaches a certain age the last thing they want to think about is the children, grandchildren, neighbors and insurance company finding out that they have contracted an STD. Maybe the kids think Pop is going to Bingo on Saturday night when in reality Pop is playing another type of game. Truly it is no one’s business except for the person who is having sexual encounters what happens in the privacy of their bedroom. However it is important to take care of yourself and know where you stand with sexually transmitted diseases (STD).  This can give a person the knowledge they need to stay well.

Single Again after 50 years

As many seniors find themselves single again, either through divorce or because their spouse has passed on.  Therefore, senior citizens are finding themselves in the dating arena after 40 or 50 years of marriage.  The anxiety of talking with potential sexual partners about their sexual health proves difficult to maneuver through.  Asking a partner to get tested for STDs with you is a great way to reduce the anxiety of all parties involved.

Pregnancy is Not your only Concern

Many times older people think that because pregnancy is no longer a factor the use of latex condoms go by the wayside. And even with the use of latex condoms, STDs are still a strong possibility. But with the availability of STD testing, citizens young and old, can make an appointment at a local STD clinic and usually get an appointment within twenty four hours. The patient does not have to be concerned that the doctor and nurses recognize them and possibly smirk about what so in so is doing with their golden years. The business of sex and sexually transmitted disease is serious and confidential when it comes to receiving anonymous STD testing at an STD clinic. Getting tested means having a simple blood draw and giving a urine sample. Within about forty-eight hours the patient will be notified with the results of the STD test.

Embarrassment about your sex life no matter what your age need not ever be a factor with anonymous STD testing. Even if you are diagnosed with an STD it is easier to live with the knowledge than to die because you have become ill needlessly.  Now that you are a senior citizen it is time for you to enjoy certain freedoms that your younger years forbid you from taking, just remember to be responsible with yourself and make an appointment to get tested.

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